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    Understanding the queue settings on your Seedbox

    If you have not been using your server for a while, it might take you longer to understand some of the settings.  When it comes to Seedbox configuration, setting up the queue will determine the kind of speed you get while leeching and seeding. The best settings should be able to give you more speed when uploading and downloading files.  Most servers come with an enabled automatic management system for each torrent you seed or leech. The system is enabled by default for each torrent. When you disable it, you might have some cycling issues when uploading or downloading the torrents. You may start facing some poor speeds or other files may be stuck from any form of transaction.

    The setting labelled seed time within the queue settings can be helpful if they are on your server. It deals with the seeding time before the queue rotation is done. Your total active torrents should be equal to your seeding torrents. When adjusting the queue settings, you should not count the slow torrents. The downloading torrents should be over both seeding and active but not by a long shot. Balance the share ratio limit by setting it to one. It should always match the leeching and stop seeding ratio. The share ratio limit will determine the moment your files will be queued. If the seeding ratio reaches its limit, then the file will be moved into the queued status. The seedtime means your file will remain in the seeding status for the given amount of time before it is transferred to the queued status.  The time status may be a hard one to grasp, basically it determines the seeding time of the files before they are sent to the queued status. If you set the ratio too high, the file download or upload may pause and you will have a difficult time seeding. …

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    Focus On The Targeted Audience For Increasing The Traffic On Your Website

    Website traffic is one of the most crucialthings for website owners. Sometimes, they face many difficulties to get specific traffic to their website so they buy trafficprograms to increase the website’s visibility. Usually, website traffic comes from external links and other websites. It is important to buy a good and affordable program for your website traffic.

    What are the benefits of buying the website traffic?

    Increase sales- the main purpose of the website traffic is to increase the number of customers. If you want to make more customers and visitors to increase your sales, then you can buy more traffic for your website. It is not only useful for your website advertisement but also helps in increasing the sales of products.

    Making your website consistent– there are many buddingonline entrepreneurs who do not get more visitors for their websites on a daily basis. If they buy some traffic for their websitesfrom Traffic Masters then they get an opportunity to get more visitors for their web portal. Advertisers promote their website on the different platforms to provide them with the positive results.

    Delivers specific group of the visitors- ifyou want to create new website then you need to focus on getting the targeted audience for your products and services. It is one of the best optionsto get those visitors who areinterested in the content of your website which you are offering to them. If you provide your targeted audience a relevant content then they will show more interest and increase the traffic to your website.

    Improves SEO- if you buy the traffic for your website then it also helps you in increasing the ranking of the website in SEO. Website traffic plays an important role in making your website more popular.Once you get more traffic, the sites search engine ranking will automatically get high.…